It’s our first day of back to school this year. As much as I loved spending time with my husband and the kids with no obligations, it’s also nice to be back on schedule. We got so many new things for Christmas that we can use for school work that it’s pretty exciting to get back to it. We started the day with reading like we always do. It is a beautiful day outside and on days like this, my oldest usually goes outside to read. She will either lay on the hammock, on the front swing or sometimes lay on our window bench with the window open. I absolutely love how much she loves to read. I have All About Reading to thank for that.

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I don’t know how she sits like that.

Daughter Number 2 is not so enthusiastic about reading however. While Number 1 started reading at 3 years old, Daughter number 2 is still having a hard time with letters. I am a believer that each kid learns at their own pace and we should teach the way they learn. So I wont rush her, but I will continue to read to her and work on pre-reading skills using All About Reading. You can read my post about this reading program here.

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I love to have all sorts of items available to my kids to help them learn. But one of the things I have learned about DD2 is that she is very tech savvy. So when I saw that All About Reading released a Tile App I was so excited to get it and see how she responds to it. While we are still on the Pre-reading level, I have explored the features of the app for level 1. The app has the tiles needed for lesson for levels 1-4. This will make our future lessons so much easier. Just take the books and go. We can now learn in the car, at the beach, and at grandmas. I am very excited to have this feature as I absolutely love this program.

This is our learning kindle. We use it for learning apps, audio books, e-books, and research.

If your using this program and are looking forward to using the app or even just curious about the program, there is an amazing giveaway happening right now with All about Reading. Click the image below to enter! You can possibly win not only the app but a tablet of your choice to use it on. More details below.

One Grand Prize winner will receive

A tablet of the winner’s choice

iPad (10.2″, WiFi, 32GB)

Fire HD (10.1″, WiFi, 32GB)

or Samsung Galaxy (10.1″, WiFi, 32GB)

$25 Gift Card:
To purchase the Letter Tiles App from the winner’s favorite app store.

Good luck everyone!

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