Hey everyone! Autumn is just around the corner and we are so excited! We haven’t got Autumn weather yet and probably wont until November but hey! I prefer a late fall over an early winter. I’m not a fan of the cold. I seriously rather burn alive than freeze to death, haha. Let’s just hope it never comes to either of the two. Although, I prepare by taking scalding hot showers or so my husband says. Anyway! The kiddos are super excited to see what I have planned for our First Day of Fall Celebration! Yes you read that right. We are celebrating! Why? Well because we love reasons to celebrate. Here are few thing we plan on doing on Monday. I hope some of these ideas will get you started on planning for a Fall Celebration too!

First off! We will baking some Mini Apple pies! I prefer minis because we each have an equal share and the kids can each make their own. We just try to make sure we remember who’s pie belongs to who. We will begin by practicing cleanliness and proper kitchen etiquette. We will also practice peeling apples, slicing apples, and following recipes. This is also where I teach my littles about what is safe in a kitchen and what isn’t. I haven’t decided on which recipe to try this time. I have a method. First I find a recipe pinterest, I then try it out and if I like it, I print it and add it to my binder of favorites.

Check out these recipes from these bloggers I found.

Mini Apple Pies from The Kittchen


Mason Jar Lid Apple Pies From Lady Behind the Curtain


Next the girls and I will do some leaf searching for some leaf imprints in our nature journals or some kind of art project. Hopefully it will be dry outside so we can work out there. Here a few of my favorite pinterest ideas.

Black Crayon and Watercolor Fall Leaf Art by Frugalfun4boy



Fall’n in Love with Leaf Painting by Elementaryartfun


We will work on some number recognition as well with some super cute Apple themed Montessori cards from Little Spark. You can get them FREE if you sign up for her Newsletter. We actually have a few of her printable and we love them! Be sure to follow her on Instagram too! She has some great stuff. While my littles work on numbers my oldest will work on parts of the apple. After we will all play a memory game that is part of the free printable.


We will be finishing off our celebration with poetry tea time. This is where we will have our mini apple pies, tea (apple cider) while we read Autumn themed poetry. This is where my oldest works on speech and recitation. Poetry tea time is actually what we do on Fridays but I thought what the heck! We can add a second one next week.

So perhaps, our idea of celebrating is different from yours or maybe we are spot on. Either way, I would love to hear what you have planned for the First day of Fall. I would love to hear some ideas for next year!

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