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Hello Everyone! Are you excited for a new school year? We definitely are! Actually, we are a couple weeks into the new school year and so far it’s going great! It is much different this year as we started using a new teaching method. I do believe this is going to be a game changer for us. When I decided on trying the Charlotte Mason Method this coming year I spent a couple months researching all kinds of curricula. It was really fun because it was all so new and exciting to me. One of the first sites I came across was Beautiful Feet. There were so many beautiful literature pack options. After weeks of further research I kept coming back to Beautiful Feet. Something about this company just stood out to me and I absolutely loved it. I ended up ordering three literature packs! Read on if you would like to learn more about them and this amazing company.

Let me start with the company itself, and it’s amazing costumer service. They really do try to work with you in saving your homeschool funds because for some of us, there just isn’t enough. From veteran discounts, to discounting kits if you find them cheaper elsewhere. We had a few books from the literature pack already and called to ask about having them removed from the kit, which they did and discounted us without a problem. If costumer service is important to you like it is to me, you will love them. The woman I spoke to was so genuinely friendly and supportive. She truly made me feel like an amazing mother for homeschooling my girls. Which let’s face it, sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. This company offers premade kits containing study guides for parents, all the literature required in the guide, and any other things needed like maps or composition books. They offer kits in many subjects and for grades K-12. You can also purchase these items separately. We ended up choosing Geography, Early American History and History of the Horse.

Geography as of right now, is my favorite. The literature is absolutely breath taking and the Maps that we are to use during the lessons are gorgeous! I’m talking, frame worthy. The curriculum has four books and four maps. As you read through them, the Study guide will help you along the way. It will direct you on what to fill in on the map. Your children can be as creative as they want with their maps. There are also ideas of how to use with older and younger children with each lesson. I suggest purchasing a set of maps if you can, for the younger kids that may not be able to do the whole lesson but will probably still want to follow along with map coloring. I myself have to order a set because I know my little ones will attempt to “help” using big sister’s map. I would also like to add that so far it is pretty secular friendly. As I myself am a secular homeschooler.


Next is the History of the Horse, this kit has 11 books, a study guide, card game and composition book. This course requires journaling as the CM method suggests. It is guided as well and At the end of the year I imagine we will have a wonderful book to keep and remember. My daughter loves horses and takes Horsemanship twice a week so when I showed her this, she was so thrilled. The most amazing part of this pack is the amount of subjects it covers. Geography, History, Anatomy, Art, etc. This pack does contain bible verses to discuss and memorize. I have collected a few quotes about horses and will substitute the verses for these or skip all together. This particular pack can easily be used for secular families with little to no extra work on your part.


Lastly, Early American History is once again a beautiful set with some amazing literature. Had I had the chance to review the study guide prior to purchasing I probably would have passed on the guide and just ordered the books. Mostly, because this will take a significant amount of time trying to convert into a more secular approach if I were to use the guide. If you are a traditional Charlotte Mason family or make religion apart of your homeschool, do not hesitate on this curriculum. It is beautiful and perfect for you. We ended up pulling out our Usborne World Religions Encyclopedia and referring to it for further discussion on both Christianity and the old Norse Religion. Personally, I will only be referring to the study guide for a time line and just use all the amazing books it came with on my own. Which was what my plan was in the beginning. You can imagine my suprise when I realized I would be able to use 2 out of 3 of the guides with minimal alterations.

Overall, Beautiful Feet Literature Kits are perfect for people like me that dont have the time to put something together on our own. Each study pack can be used as a general timeline as well as, discussion topics for secular families. Everything is already included and it is a great introduction to the Charlotte Mason method.

We are on week two of the new school year and so far they are all fantastic kits. We do one subject a day and rotate the subjects. Some days we get lost in further research and it takes longer and other days we finish quickly and have more time for other things. It took some getting use to at first for both my daughter and myself. I however feel confident that we chose the right company and the right method of teaching.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of these three kits and I will happily get back to you.

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